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Axon Labs


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Tobii Eye Tracking & Attention Computing Solutions

Whether it's about expanding, modernizing or acquiring a new eye-tracking system, as the exclusive representative of Tobii Pro of the region, we always provide the latest solutions: Tobii Pro Spark, Fusion, and Spectrum, as well as Tobii Pro Glasses 3 hardware with Tobii Pro Lab software to represent the most advanced eye-tracking technology available today.

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Noldus Behavior Analysis Systems

As the official representative of Noldus, we offer a wide range of complete human and animal behavior observation systems - software, hardware and services. More than 11,000 universities, companies, and research institutes in the fields of biology, psychology, marketing, and healthcare rely on Noldus' market-leading solutions such as EthoVision XT, Observer XT, and FaceReader.

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Cutting-Edge Experimental Technologies

Virtual, mixed and augmented reality, Hololens 2 holography, emotion recognition, neuromarketing, 3D simulated environments, 3D printing, drones and artifical intelligenc: let us help you use the most advanced research and laboratory equipment for truly innovative scientific results!

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Software Development and Consulting

Node.js, React, AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL Mysql, Typescript Javascript. We believe that successful digital products are built on the power of cross-functional teams, transparency, and regular feedback loops. We offer you our team of experts with all the relevant business and technology competencies for a successful project.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our partners throughout the entire process from design to procurement:

  1. Finding the most suitable technology and equipment for the specific research purpose,

  2. Coordination of the administrative and practical procurement tasks,

  3. Complete 360° installation and training.

About Us

We are innovative research and laboratory equipment procurement, installation and training specialists.

With decades of experience with Tobii Pro eye trackers, Noldus human and animal behavior analysis systems, biosensors, and neuromarketing software and hardware, we offer cutting-edge software for research and development and industrial applications. We supplement our core competencies with virtual and mixed reality, holography, simulators, 3D printing, and drone solutions to complete our technology portfolio.

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Testimonials and Success Stories


Our satisfied clients speak for the quality of our products and services. Don't just take our word for it, check out our selected references and see for yourself how we have helped our partners achieve their research goals.

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Reach us

+36 30 760 1061
Axon Labs Kft.
1041 Budapest, Hungary

EU VAT: HU27116658

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