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Noldus behavior analysis systems

As the official representative of Noldus, we offer a wide range of complete human and animal behavior observation systems - software, hardware and services. More than 11,000 universities, companies, and research institutes in the fields of biology, psychology, marketing, and healthcare rely on Noldus' market-leading solutions such as EthoVision XT, Observer XT, and FaceReader.

Noldus provides a comprehensive range of software, hardware, and services designed to support research in fields such as biology, psychology, pharmacology, marketing and healthcare. Let's explore how Noldus' state-of-the-art solutions can enhance your research and provide deeper insights into behavior.

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Complete Human and Animal Behavior Observation Systems

Noldus offers an extensive portfolio of behavior analysis solutions tailored to various research needs:


EthoVision XT: A powerful video tracking software for automated analysis of animal behavior, providing researchers with objective data on movement, activity, and interaction.

Observer XT: An advanced software platform for the collection, analysis, and presentation of human behavior data, allowing researchers to efficiently code and analyze observational data.

FaceReader: A sophisticated facial expression analysis software that automatically recognizes and quantifies emotions, enabling researchers to gather valuable insights into human emotions and preferences.


Seamless Integration of Hardware and Software

Noldus' solutions are designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of hardware, including cameras, physiological sensors, and environmental control systems. This compatibility ensures that researchers can easily create a fully integrated observation system tailored to their specific research requirements.


Empowering Research with In-Depth Behavior Analysis

Noldus' behavior analysis systems enable researchers to uncover insights into human and animal behavior, cognition, and decision-making processes. By analyzing behavioral patterns, emotional responses, and interactions, Noldus' technology provides valuable data that can inform product design, marketing strategies, user experience optimization, and more. Over 11,000 universities, companies, and research institutes rely on Noldus' market-leading solutions to achieve their research goals.


Axon Labs is proud to be the official representative of Noldus, a global leader in advanced behavior analysis systems for humans and animals. Incorporating Noldus' behavior analysis systems into your research can reveal essential insights and contribute to a more profound understanding of human and animal behavior. At Axon Labs, we are committed to helping you harness the power of Noldus' technology to achieve exceptional research results. Contact us today to learn more about how Noldus' behavior analysis systems can support your research endeavors.

Discover how Noldus solutions can elevate your research

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