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Tobii Pro


Tobii eye tracking & attention computing solutions

Whether it's about expanding, modernizing or acquiring a new eye-tracking system, as the exclusive representative of Tobii Pro of the region, we always provide the latest solutions: Tobii Pro Spark, Fusion, and Spectrum, as well as Tobii Pro Glasses 3 hardware with Tobii Pro Lab software to represent the most advanced eye-tracking technology available today.

Tobii's cutting-edge technology is designed to enhance research across a wide range of fields,  including psychology, neuroscience, marketing, and usability. Let's explore how Tobii's advanced eye tracking solutions can elevate your research and provide deeper insights into human behavior.

A Comprehensive Range of Eye Tracking Solutions

Tobii Pro offers an extensive portfolio of eye tracking solutions tailored to various research needs:


Tobii Pro Spark: A versatile and portable eye tracker suitable for research in natural environments and real-world settings.

Tobii Pro Fusion: A high-performance eye tracker designed for detailed research in psychology, neuroscience, and human-computer interaction.

Tobii Pro Spectrum: A powerful eye tracking solution providing the highest level of data quality and accuracy, ideal for research in fields such as ophthalmology and clinical psychology.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3: A wearable eye tracker that allows for real-world research and captures natural gaze behavior in various contexts.

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Advanced Data Analysis with Tobii Pro Lab 

Tobii Pro Lab is an intuitive software platform designed to support the entire research process, from study design and data collection to analysis and visualization. The software seamlessly integrates with Tobii Pro's eye tracking hardware, providing researchers with efficient tools to analyze gaze patterns, visual attention, and user behavior.


Empowering Research with Eye Tracking Insights 

Tobii Pro's eye tracking solutions enable researchers to uncover insights into human behavior, cognition, and decision-making processes. By analyzing where, when, and for how long individuals focus their attention, eye tracking technology provides valuable data that can inform product design, marketing strategies, user experience optimization, and more.


Incorporating Tobii Pro's eye tracking solutions into your research can reveal essential insights and contribute to a more profound understanding of human behavior. At Axon Labs, we are committed to helping you harness the power of attention computing to achieve exceptional research results. Contact us today to learn more about how Tobii Pro's eye tracking technology can support your research endeavors.

Discover how eye tracking can elevate your research

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